1. What will I get to benefit?

COMEX offers a unique stage to showcase the latest trends in the tech industry. We bring together government, corporates, and specialists of Oman and the region, as well as tech solution Providers displaying innovative and useful products & services at the exhibition. You will discover solutions for various settings and challenges from leading technological enterprises from around the world to well-known brands to startups. It is a meeting place for leaders, policymakers, academicians, professionals, administrators, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc. To share and exchange the latest developments, current practices, and innovative ideas in technological advancements.

2. Where can I register as a visitor?

You can register online to Connect & grow in GCC'S ONLY APP FOR TECH SECTOR to become our visitor at any time of the year. You will get access to Tech Sellers, Tech Buyers, Buyer Sectors, Buyer Professions.

You will need to use your mobile device to complete registration through our application. Which will allow you to receive all the updates shortly after submitting your application.

Ready to join us? To start registration please go to our app


3. I am facing problems completing my registration, what can I do?

If you need immediate assistance during your registration, please contact
Syed Siddiq
Phone: +968 7849 2910
Email: syed@oite.com

4. What is the minimum age to attend? (Entry Policy)

As per the guidelines and policies, Individuals under the age of 18 may attend the events only if accompanied by adults and supervisors.

5. How much is it for registration?

Registration and entry to the exhibition is free of charge for visitors. Website. You are required to register before the event.

6. What are the COMEX series?

The 32nd Annual Event COMEX, Introduce Big Data & Analytics Meet under its series of events which is specialized enough to give a deep dive to Omani Government and Businesses into the Big Data and Analytics segment of Information Communications Technology.

7. How can I download a list of exhibitors in the agenda?

You can find the list of participating companies when you register for the exhibition by visiting the application.

8. How can I see the complete Locations of exhibitors?

Please visit our website and click floorplan: https://www.comex-global.com/floor-plan

9. What is the language used in the exhibition?

The main language of local companies will be Arabic, but the foreign delegates will communicate in English while interpreters may perhaps help with translation.

10. What time can I come? What happens if I lost my entry time? (Duration of exhibition/ hours of operations)

You can visit us anytime during the exhibition working hours.

11. Why do I need to download the application?

You will have the opportunity to connect and grow your tech network with Tech buyers, Sellers, Sponsors, and Exhibitors in all sectors of Oman & GCC region.

12. I have some unique suggestions regarding COMEX Who can I speak to?

We will appreciate you taking the time to give us your valuable suggestions in advance. Please do not hesitate to reach out @Malak with any further comments.

13. If I want to join as a volunteer?


1 - Send us a message

2 - Schedule a meeting

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