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Judging Panel

COMEX awards committee follows a comprehensive set of rules and procedures that facilitates the judging panel and the judging procedure in the evaluation and selection of the Award winners. The procedures are impartial, transparent, independent, and neutral.

The Judging Panel

... The Judging Panel consists of government, non-government, senior technology experts who are not related in a professional capacity with any of the participating companies or competitor.

... The Judging Panel will receive a comprehensive kit of the categories, evaluation criteria and grading guidelines.

... A Jury member will examine and grade each nomination document independently; and each document will be graded online by a minimum of 3 Jury members for each award category.

... The Research partner will tabulate and average the scores received from each Jury member and will be presented to the Validation partner for verification.

... Decision of the Judging Panel and the COMEX awards committee will be final and irrevocable.

... No legal claim will be accepted by any of the Jury members, research partner, validation partner, COMEX awards committee or the Organiser.

... The evaluation is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any of the participant

Nomination Procedures and Submission

... Nominations can be submitted by companies both public and private.

... The nomination should be submitted in English.

... The nomination forms for the awards should be filled online.

... The winners for each award will be decided as per the criteria of that award.

... Companies can nominate themselves for a maximum of 4 category of awards.

... The judging panel can cancel an award if the nominations do not match with the criteria and conditions.

... All the applications and documents related to the award nomination procedure will be handled confidentially.

... The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that does not meet the requirements and criteria for the award.

... The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that contains incorrect or inappropriate data or information.

Submission of Extra Supporting Documents

... Extra supporting documents would include photographs, short videos, or any other published material.

... The documents should be attached and organized systematically.

Extra Supporting Documents

... All nominations must contain sufficient information to help the selection process.

How Are the Winners Chosen?

... The companies who wish to nominate themselves are allowed to choose a maximum of 3 categories and should fill the form of intent to participate in the awards before the deadline.

... Qualified companies will be sent a link to download the nomination form.

... The nominations will be evaluated on a given set of questionnaires for each nominated category.

... The questionnaire will have to be filled and submitted online.

... The Judging Panel will evaluate and grade the questionnaires according to the criteria for the nominated category.

... The winners are chosen by the awards committee based on the evaluation and grading given by the Judging Panel.

... The winners will be announced at the COMEX awards ceremony in the presence of various government and other senior dignitaries.

... The results will be featured on the official website of COMEX page.


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